Our Burden for Missions

img_1636There are more than 153 million orphans in the world today, and only 250,000 (less than 1%) will be adopted this year. This is not okay!! Our family cannot stand by while the cries of millions of children go unheard. Who will stand up for them? Who will go? Though the need is great and the crisis is overwhelming, our family has answered these questions with a resounding, “Yes!” We must do something! Since 2006, I have served in full-time church ministry in obedience to a clear calling and direction from God. It would certainly be noble and easier to continue faithfully serving there. But God has asked us to walk in a new level of sacrifice and service. We are leaving the security and comfort of guaranteed incomes to obey our Lord, and because of this, we know that many will call it foolish. But regardless of what the wisdom of men may be, “we trust in the Lord our God.”

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